Helene Maurgen

Wife of Jeref Maurgen


Helene Maurgen is a middle-aged woman who tends bar at the Jolly Troubadour Arms. She sees her husband rarely, as he is an adventurer often abroad serving as mercenary or armed guard for merchant caravans. Months had passed since his last visit, but she was accustomed to the wait. However, by now she is profoundly worried. He has never been away for this long without sending word. She cannot embark on a journey to find him herself, so she begs the PCs to find her husband, or at least his body. If he is dead, she would like them to return his wedding ring to her as a memento.

Jeref worked for Triadine Missions Inc., a mercenary and caravan security company based in Corvia. His best friends from that city, Adolf and Marius, often went with him on missions.

Helene Maurgen

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